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Singapore directory

Welcome to the Singapore directory. Our intention is to be the most completed directory of information about webpages in Singapore. We intend to help everyone from the occasional Singapore visitor to the actual person living there!

This site might not be complete at the moment but we are working on finding the useful links right now. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have some good links that you want to share with us. We have started this work in May 2013 and we expect to be finished sometime this summer so please be patient.

Want to name your own orchid?

Do you have 15 000 USD to spend? Want to give a name to your very own orchid? Well this is certainly new in my world but it is now possible to BUY the rights to name a orchid of your like. I'm not quite sure what to make of this, good or bad? Well you decide. Orchids are defined as a plant-family with multi-year herbs and under-ground trunks while the stalk is upright.

Visiting Singapore

If you found our directory while looking for information when planning to visiting Singapore we hope to aid you in your travel plans. We have collected useful information about Singapore

Have a good time while visiting Singapores restaurants, heritage parks and gardens. Don't forget to arrange a city tour and see the world famous attractions here in the city.